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I just don’t feel like “myself” anymore...
Posted on Jun 26th, 2019
by Jamie
"I've been so tired lately, but I can't sleep."

“I eat all the right foods, but the needle on the scale just won’t move.”

"I'm forgetful and have no patience.”

“Since I turned 40, I just don’t feel like ‘myself’ anymore”

When I hit my 40’s it seemed like so many conversations with my doctor, my friends and my husband started this way....

And even though I had over 2 decades in the health and wellness industry and knew exactly what was happening biologically, we all seemed to be writing our very own “hormonal-horror-stories” that even Stephen King would have been proud of.

And it wasn’t just me – it seemed like each one of my clients in their 40’s and 50’s all complained about many of the same issues. While some of them were in the middle of fighting a losing battle against the various stages of menopause, others were only in their late 30’s!

Even these younger ladies were beginning to write sad endings to their story before the villain (menopause) came knocking on their door. It seemed like unless you were a 20-something Instagram superstar with a cheerleader metabolism - Things like hot flashes, listless energy, near-zero libido, weight gain, and insulin resistance were becoming scary nonfiction elements of a novel they couldn't put down… even if they wanted to.

However you don’t need a Women’s Health Author and Advocate like myself to tell you that it’s hormonal imbalances contribute to many of these problems.

When our hormones like estrogen, testosterone, and insulin take a nosedive, and others like cortisol and estrogen skyrocket, you’ve got the perfect storm for “menopausal miseries”.

And I think you also know that none of this is really your fault since Mother Nature had already pre-written this part of your story for you on Day 1.

But like any good book, there’s a twist at the end and the Heroine (you) prevails:

Sleeping Beauty wakes up.

Snow White gets her “True Love’s Kiss”.

And Cinderella’s Glass-Slipper ends up fitting perfectly.

There’s something to be learned from Cinderella’s story though ladies.....

All those other girls tried desperately to make the shoe fit because they knew it was the key to Prince Charming’s heart and their very own “happily ever after”.

That’s like us, well kind of....

Women like us try to escape the wrath of menopause and its symptoms by trying on solutions that simply don’t fit.

Weight loss, menopause and simply feeling better about yourself are all unique battles. The problem is, we continue to “try on” one-size-fits-all approaches, leaving us with lack-luster endings to our fairy-tales.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Along with so many of my clients, I was able to write the ending to my very own Cinderella Story and regain control of my body and its unique needs.

And that’s the very first step....


Whether you are in your 40’s 50’s 60’s or even your 70’s, I know it can feel like you’ve lost control over your body. But the truth is, as we get older our body simply stops “listening” to us.

Think back to when your kids were toddlers – Sometimes you had to get a little creative to get him or her to do what you wanted them to do. And in the end, they turned out pretty good right!?

But what would have happened if you just let them run around doing whatever they wanted to like wild animals?

That’s essentially what’s happening inside you right now.

Each of us has unique hormonal needs and you must find the unique solution that’s specific to those needs...

...INSTEAD OF using the one-size-fits-all diets, detoxes, pills and potions that Mother Nature never intended. Think about it, when the weight inevitably comes back after any one of these quick-fixes, that’s just Mother Nature’s way of saying, “Back Off Woman, let me do my thing”.

What you should be doing, is essentially giving Mother Nature a gentle push in the right direction to get her back on YOUR side.

Makes sense right?

-Maybe a little “Carb-Stacking” trick to rev-up nighttime fat burning?

-Possibly getting rid of the so-called “healthy vegetables” that actually damage female hormones (specifically your thyroid) after 40....

-For most women though, the thing that works best is a little “flavor-pairing” habit Japanese women have been using for centuries!

And I know,

all of these things may seem a little foreign to you....and they should.

Doctors actually never talk about them, so it took 2 years and a 3000-mile trip across the Pacific to figure it out, but let me tell you girl....they work for 92% of women over 40 years old.

Pretty great odds right?

But remember, the last thing you want is another quick-fix that’s not custom suited to you and your unique hormonal needs.

by Staff Writer, Jamie

Jamie loves to read a book, eat a pizza, watch a movie, and occasionally squeeze in some healthy eating and exercise too!
This time, it wasn’t fake news
Posted on Jun 20th, 2019
by Jamie
My husband says I’m “impatient” and “stubborn”.....

.....I just say that I’m a “strong-willed woman-of-action”.

Maybe you’re like me –

If something is broken, I want it fixed!

And if I have a question, I want answers!

Sound like you? Good, then you’ll like this....

And if you are like me, I slowly began to notice things weren’t as “firm” as they use to be as I got older....more “squishy” if you will.

And when my rabbit-like energy of my 20’s felt like it was permanently dialed down to “turtle” in my 40’s, I started getting frustrated.

Even more frustrating was the fact that every time I stepped on the scale, it seemed more “broken” then the last time....you know what I mean.

Anyway, whether it was the early stages of menopause or just a misbehaved metabolism, it just seemed like everything was starting to feel slightly “broken” - Specifically in the health, hormones and happiness departments.

I had a lot of questions...the problem was, I didn’t like any of the answers:

The answer from my doctor was a bottle of pills that came with a warning label reading: “may cause explosive diarrhea” – NO THANK YOU.

The answer from my best friend was the keto diet. Like most women, it works for as long as it takes for you realize that you don’t want to live your life without wine and chocolate – Thanks, but no thanks.

And the answer at the gym was a $400/month trainer. He looked like a 22-year-old Brad Pitt in sneakers and sweatpants and I almost said “I’ll take him”, until I realized that $400 can buy a lot of wine and chocolate :)

Luckily during one of those days where the scale seemed “extra broken”, I saw a news article that literally changed everything!

In fact, if it wasn’t for that little article that I almost missed, I would STILL be an exhausted 208lb mom with hypertension and a rattlesnake temper.

Let me explain.

Alright, so the headline from that little 2 paragraph article read something like this:

**“World Health Organization: JAPAN- Healthiest Women On The Planet”**

-Their average life expectancy was 87 years old! (13 years longer than us)

-Japan’s rate of depression was almost non-existent at 2.3%! (ours is 33%)

-The average Japanese woman weighs only 115 pounds! (American women weigh 157lbs on average)

The statistics were so crazy I thought I though it may have been one of those “fake news articles”, but when I dug a little deeper I saw that It was all true!

And whether you are “impatient”, a “woman of action”, or just want to get back to feeling (and looking) like your old-self, it really doesn’t matter....

....You are probably thinking:

Live Longer, Happier and of course “Lighter” – YES PLEASE!!!

You are probably also thinking ....


“How do they do it?”

The answer wasn’t actually that simple though...

The good news is that the answer had nothing to do with “unique Japanese skinny DNA”, so that was a start.

At first it was pretty frustrating because most websites recommended this thing called the “Okinawa Diet.”

I call it the “Oki-No-Fun” Diet, but I’ll let you be the judge:

Named after Japan’s Capital, it was all about eating raw fish, lots of yoga and fasting for 3 or 4 days at a time...

....Now if you’re like I was,

maybe you would like your clothes to fit a little better and the needle on the scale to start moving in the “right direction”.

And if you are a little older like I am, maybe you would like a good night's sleep, a few less headaches and an extra dose of energy here and there.

HOWEVER - If that means becoming a yoga master who starves herself for 3 days a week and only to fill her plate with raw fish and “mung-beans” for the other 4....you can count me out. Right?!

But there was one other statistic in that article that I almost missed – the most important one -

Japanese women don’t diet.

How could that be – Over our the course of her life, the average American woman will diet 137 times, while the average Japanese woman diets .8 times during her entire life!

With that in mind, I knew there had to be a better way.

And there is.

And maybe my husband was right...

Maybe I am “impatient and stubborn”, because when I couldn’t find the real answer, I dug a little deeper.....

Actually, let’s be honest here.....way deeper.

I was like a chubby little dog digging for a bone.

And if had to dig all the way to Japan that’s what I would do.

And that’s what I did.

Long story short, after an extensive conversation with the Secretary to the Japanese Minister of Health and Agriculture I got the real answer.

.....And yes, I ACTUALLY called Japan......

Anyway, as it turns out, the REAL reason why Japanese women are so healthy,

and the reason I knocked off over 80 pounds last year and feel 20 years younger, is because of a famous Japanese Military Doctor that “put his foot down” almost 70 years ago.

Dr. Ishizuka saw what was happening in America with the introduction of fast-food in the 1960’s and he actually convinced the Japanese Government to mandate what he referred to as “Flavor-Pairing Rules”.

And by the way, those flavor-pairing rules weren’t really “rules” at all....they were more like simple guidelines that you pick and choose based on your specific needs and what’s easiest for you!

My personal favorite was this tasty “carb-pairing” trick Japanese women use almost daily. In fact, many scientists think it’s the same reason why the Japanese are able to consume more carbohydrates than any other nation and stay so slender.

Anyway, it all boiled down to these easy little habits, tasty 2-step recipes and simple rituals you would never think of in a million years.

Stuff we never hear about because the blogs, TV doctors and fitness trainers focus only on eating tons of protein, pills, high-intensity exercise or the latest quick-fix diet.

The Japanese guidelines specifically stated that those are the LAST things any woman should be doing, ESPECIALLY if you’re over 40 and have more than a couple dress sizes to lose.

And like I said, even though there’s so many of these “flavor-pairs” for you to choose from, I just stuck to 5 or 6 of the tastiest ones that fit into my lifestyle the best.

The cool part was, some of them have nothing to do with food at all – There’s this DIY “Citrus Youth Bath” that I got completely obsessed with during my 84-pound journey!

When I told my Mom, she was like, “84 pounds?!?! That’s more than my German Shepherd weighs....you lost an entire German Shepherd!”

....Thanks Mom

And by the way, at 65 she just ‘flavor-paired” her way out of a size 12 and is back into a size 4 for the first time since her 20’s!

The only problem is that my Dad is always talking about how “frisky” she is now...

....gross Dad

And as inappropriate as my father is, there’s this t-shirt he’s had since I was a kid that reads in big bold letters:

“Simplicity is the Essence of happiness”

And that’s really what sums up the entire concept of Japanese Flavor-Pairing and how I finally “fixed” my scale :)

Since then I’ve helped 1000’s other women fix their scale as well using 5 or 6 of their favorite flavor-pairs. I thought that if I wrote this little article I’d be able to get the word out to even more ladies today.

by Staff Writer, Jamie

Jamie loves to read a book, eat a pizza, watch a movie, and occasionally squeeze in some healthy eating and exercise too!
Why your wellness is so important, and means so much to me!
Posted on June 3rd, 2019
by Jamie
Dear reader,
I sincerely hope this finds you well!

It took me a long time to put this blog together and it truly means so much to me that you've found your way here and you are taking the time to read it.

See, I'm am truly, truly passionate about not just the health of myself and my family, but yours too.

Had I not found a few certain "helping hands" along the way, I just know I would have never achieved the level of wellness that I am proud to say that I've achieved today, and I only hope that I am able to maintain it well into the future.

These helping hands came in many forms, just as they probably will for you as well on your journey through life.

However, I do wish to impart the 3 most powerful lessons that I was lucky enough to learn along the way in my journey to you so that perhaps you can gain some benefit from it, and in a way, a shortcut that may help you in the long term.

1. Discipline and willpower comes from within

I used to sit around waiting, hoping, and wishing that I could just be more disciplined and have more willpower. I realised that all along... I knew WHAT to do - at least generally.

I mean, we all know, right?

If we want to be healthier and happier and prouder of our bodies then we generally know that what it will take is to eat more healthy foods and exercise at least three times per week.

I always knew that... it's not like it's a secret. And you'll find nearly all experts will agree with that (except maybe some crazy ones).

So if we all know this... and we all want to be healthier and happier in ourselves, then why can't we do it?

We can't find the discipline and will power to do it. At least not in the long term.
I'm sure that you, like me, have started programs and committed to things many times over without managing to stick to them.

As painful as it is to stop and not reach the result that we want, we tend to succumb to the pain of "missing out".

So we seek an answer... WHY can't I just have more willpower? WHY can't I just be more disciplined?

Truly, there is no answer.

It boils down to do, or do not.

But the good news is, self discipline is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets!

The first repetitions will be hard... but it is so so worth it.

So push through and build up that muscle. You can do it.

2. Any exercise is better than no exercise

When we are moving through life, there are always going to be hurdles.
They will come up at the most annoying times, all the time.

When I've started programs before, I've often given up at the first sign of trouble.
Often, this came in the form of an injury or some sort of health limitation.

I would commit to a gym program, but then I would agitate my wrist (which has been a problem all my life). I wouldn't be able to continue the program, so I would stop doing anything at all.

I would just give up everything.

Who else has been there?

What I've grown to learn though is that ANYTHING is so so so much better than nothing.

It's very realistic to greatly improve your health without any exercise, but it takes very close adherence to an eating plan of some sort that is usually low-calorie.

What's even MORE realistic, is to achieve the goals we wish to achieve by adding exercise into the mix.

Even simple walking is very, very beneficial. Don't believe me?

Try it.

I really encourage you to commit to a simple 10,000 steps per day (you can measure this with a cheap step-tracking device).

Watch the results that come with it.

You will feel a LOT better, plus you are flexing that self-discipline muscle too.

3. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring

I used to hear people say this all the time.

I didn't believe them. I want pizza. And I want burgers.

Oh yeah, and I want chocolate.

Well, it's true that you may have to give up on some of these things, certainly, depending on what your goals are.

However, there are some simply amazing recipes out there that you are missing out on right now.

Back in the day (my day), we used to have to go out and buy a recipe book and hope that we liked what was inside.

These days, there are literally millions of recipes all over the internet! And they are basically all free!

At our very fingertips is the wealth of knowledge that you previously needed to both leave your house for, and pay for!

So there's no reason to eat the same old boring food when you're aiming to be healthier.

Simply use the old Google machine...

And be prepared to put in a little bit of effort :)


I hope that these three tips help you a lot.

If you have any comments then please let me know.

by Staff Writer, Jamie

Jamie loves to read a book, eat a pizza, watch a movie, and occasionally squeeze in some healthy eating and exercise too!
Can You Workout Through Muscle Soreness?
Posted on May 27th, 2019
by Jamie
I met up with a friend for my morning coffee today and we got onto the topic of body image (go figure) and we ended up talking about what a healthy body looks like.

This is when I realized that we all have a built in image in our heads of what we think a healthy body should look like.

I’m sure right now you have a picture in your head of what you think a ‘healthy body’ should be. And I also guarantee that most people have the same image in their heads as well. (In fact know they do because this has been well studied)

The point is that when people say things like:

“I want to get in shape”
“I want to lose weight”
“I want to be thin"

What they are really saying is:
“I want to look healthy”

It might sound superficial but it’s not. Our best guide of what is healthy is our eyes.
Unfortunately it has become socially unacceptable to point out that being 40 pounds overweight simply isn’t healthy, likewise with people who are grossly underweight.

There are actually groups of people who are trying to lobby governments to make it illegal for doctors to recommend weight loss for people who are overweight! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!

Self denial runs deep for these people. Those people who are trying to ‘accept their size and shape’ are just accepting a less healthy body. Plain and simple.

I will be one of the first to say it and let the hate mail pour in.

A healthy body is also a good looking body. They are one and the same and cannot be separated from each other.

Think of it this way. Would you go to the gym diligently and eat a strict ‘healthy’ diet if it somehow gave you perfect health (as measured by all levels of physical emotional mental and social health)


this same lifestyle made you grossly overweight?

The answer is most likely no because it’s not possible. I’ll bet you’re having trouble even imagining that right now; How can a grossly overweight body also be a healthy body? — It can’t.

With that said there are always levels or degrees of relative health associated with various sizes, but the range is much more narrow than you probably think.

The fact remains, you and I both have a built in image of what we think is a healthy looking body. I didn’t put that image there, and neither did the media, it’s something we have evolved to recognize at a basic level. (this is evidenced by research showing the same body images are selected as the best looking by people from all different cultures and societies and socioeconomic status from around the world)

Your eyes cannot tell a lie when it comes to the look of a healthy body.

So I want to know what you think a healthy body looks like, if you feel so inclined I’d like you to describe your ideal healthy body in the comments section.

by Staff Writer, Jamie

Jamie loves to read a book, eat a pizza, watch a movie, and occasionally squeeze in some healthy eating and exercise too!
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